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Everything You Need to Know

Should the syrups be refrigerated?

No, these syrups do not require refrigeration. However, refrigerating them will help retain the flavor and allow for a longer shelf life. At the minimum they should be kept at room temperature (35F-85F).

When do they expire?

Our syrups are best for 3 weeks from the date the seal is broken. If the seal is left intact they expire 6 months after purchase.

What sweetener is used?

We are proud to only use health conscious alternative sweeteners in our syrups. All of our Sugar-Free varieties use Stevia.

How much syrup should I use?

The suggested amount is 1-2 tablespoons per 8 ounces of coffee or drink of choice. If you purchased a spout dispenser this is equivalent to a 1-2 second pour. If you prefer a stronger coffee/beverage use less syrup.

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