Rocky Mountain High Blend

Rocky Mountain High Blend

Perfect for Brewed Coffee, Cold Brew, Espresso and anything in between. 

12 oz Whole Bean bag of Cravens Rocky Mountain High blend all the way from Spokane, Washington. 


Flavor Profile: Hearty, spicy, bold, full-bodied

Primary Origin: Guatemala Huehuetenango

Roast: Combination light and dark



About Cravens: Simon and his wife, Becky, started Cravens in 1993 with a simple mission, to never compromise on the pursuit of the worlds finest beans, wherever they are. Once they bring back the "gold star standard" beans they carefully roast them to absolute perfection and blend them by hand to offer you the best flavors. 


Sav's Notes: "I have been searching for the perfect all-around bean for longer than I can remember. Little did I know, I would find it while I was in Montana working this past summer. I came across Cravens & this blend as it was the go-to for the company I worked for. My love for this blend started with brewed coffee, then moved to cold brew.  This is the perfect bean for both of those methods. I have never tasted a better cup, so I knew I had to bring it back to share. Since returning home from Montana, I couldn't stop thinking about this coffee. However, this blend was curated specifically for my former employer,  I was unsure if I could buy it.  Luckily, I was able to convince my former employer and Cravens that I HAD to share these beans with you, my amazing customers. I'm so confident that you'll love this coffee that I'm personally offering a money-back guarentee, so believe me its worth a shot!

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